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Nurturing and taking care of elderly parents, serving the Orphan Senior Citizens

Nurturing and taking care of elderly parents

Have you ever wondered, where would you be, if not for your parents?

To say that parents are the greatest gift from God to the children would indeed be correct.

As the years pass by, children step into their youth and the parents step into their old age. There comes a time when the wrinkled faces of elderly parents make us realize how they have dedicated their complete lives to the upbringing and well being of their children.

Especially in Indian culture, from the time the child is conceived, to the time that he is well settled and married, the parents do everything in their capacity to provide the best for their children. But the gradually deteriorating culture is affecting the beauty of our family dynamics, which can be seen on the faces of elderly parents, who are forced to spend their old age in loneliness, isolation and boredom.

Changing Culture, Suffering Elderly Parents

Off late, we are witnessing more and more emerging old age care homes. Primarily because the children, after growing up, do not want to fulfill their share of responsibility of taking care of their old aged parents. Taking care of our elderly parents is a moral responsibility and duty; it should not be viewed upon as a compulsion. 

Imitating western culture has taken its fair share of toll on the lifestyle, moral values and health of our country. 

Parental and peer pressure on children to strive for perfection, to earn wealth and reputation, ever increasing trend of nuclear families and lack of moral education in our education system have largely converted the youth to money making machines.

There are many such families where the children are settled abroad and old aged parents live alone in India. Often these vulnerable senior citizens fall prey to crimes. On the other hand, some elderly parents are thrown out of their homes and put into old age care homes, just because the sons and daughters find it hard to take care of their parents.

There is a dire need for the things to change.

The Way Forward

As we move forward towards the modern technologically enhanced era, we must not forget to stay connected to our roots. We must not forget those who brought us into this world, and make sure that we meet our elderly parents needs while living truly meaningful lives. 

What should parents do?

  • Parents must teach their children the importance of families, relations and how to respect them.
  • Parents must not over pressurize their children into achieving the success that gets defined only with the marks or amount of money earned.
  • Parents should interfere less in their children’s lives as they grow up and become independent. Excessive control exerted by parents just increases pressure on the young minds, leading to lack of respect and intimacy.
  • Parents should put responsibility on their children’s shoulders as they grow up, but be available for guidance, if needed. They should involve themselves in spirituality and community welfare activities.

What should children do?

  • Children must understand their fair share of responsibility towards their ageing parents. Had the parents not provided care, support and education, the children would never grow up to become self dependent. Always remember those who nurture you.
  • One can never pay the debt of parents, so if your parents are sick and need your help, consider it to be an opportunity to pay them back. Care for them like they cared for you when you were an infant. If the parents are immobile due to sickness, take care of them; hire a caregiver, if needed.
  • Develop patience and tolerance via meditation. Find your mental peace in this chaotic world through meditation. It will help you take better decisions.
  • Stay connected with your parents if you are not living together. Ensure their well being. Visit them often. 

Lastly, our education system must also incorporate moral education and values from our scriptures and Vedas, so that the values are inculcated in the youngsters from their very childhood.

Good Samaritans Bring Joy To Disowned Elderly Parents

‘Orphan’ is a dreaded word and when elderly parents are disowned by children, they indeed get orphaned.  

So some good Samaritans decided to bring joy to such orphan senior citizens on this Mother’s Day. 

They cut Mother’s Day special cake with them, distributed food items and spent quality time with these elderly parents staying in old aged homes. The delight on the parents face was evident and they showered tones of blessings on these noble souls. 

These tasks were carried out as a part of 139th Welfare Work started by the revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, the Spiritual Master of Dera Sacha Sauda, who urged the disciples in His 10th letter to take care of such elderly folks.

Guruji’s daughter, respected Honeypreet Insan also celebrated the Mother’s Day with the elderly orphaned parents in an old aged home, as per the guidance of Saint Dr. MSG.

It is worth mentioning that Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has inculcated the values of respect for the elderly, taking care of them, especially when in need and overall serving the manking selflessly, in millions of people. The world has definitely become a better place due to His teachings that have been inspiring everyone to be their best version. 

So today, let us pledge to take care of elderly parents at our homes, to take care of the orphan senior citizens and to be the pillars of strength, who provide ample support to those around us.

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