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Cleanliness Earth Campaign

Cleanliness Earth Campaign in Karnal, Haryana on 24th March 2013

This was the 18th Mega Cleanliness Campaign to aware the people regarding sanitation and hygiene in the city of King Karan. And this was the incredible gift of cleanliness to the Karnal city by Dera Sacha Sauda Volunteers. Around 4 Lakhs followers participated in this campaign and cleaned up the whole industrial city in merely 2 to 2 ½ hours. Volunteers from every field be it doctor, engineer, teacher or social worker and many others having brooms, spades tools with them, cleaned up every corner of the city. They were having the passion to neat and clean Karnal City. They cleaned up the messy sewerage without feeling any kind of irritation.
Cleanliness Earth Campaign Karnal
This campaign was inaugurated by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as “Pitaji” by over 5 million followers presently) at Committee Chowk, by cleaning the specific area and unfurling the green flag. After that, His Excellency Guruji released the balloons indicating the slogans related to cleanliness. Respected Guruji and HIS most adorable mother Mata Nasib Kaur Ji Insan cleaned the specific area to make the earth a better place to stay and motivated others to do the same. And just after getting the commandment from Guruji, Sadh Sangat, which was divided into 4 zones, having the necessary tools, got engaged intently in cleaning and made the whole city neat and clean.
Along with cleaning the city, volunteers were also engaged in getting the pledge forms filled up by the local public for cleaning their surroundings and never undergo female feticide. Everyone was amazed to see the passion among the volunteers. And they were also surprised to thinking that why they are cleaning the litter and garbage thrown by us. On this occasion, M.P. Dr. Arvind Sharma, Legislator Sumita, Legislator Narender Sangvan from Gharonda, Senior BJP Leader I.D. Swami, Chander Prakash Kathuria, Ramsharan Bhola (Members of S.S. Board), Sandeep Lathar from Citizen Grievance Committee, Kanta Aldia (National President of BSP), Rakesh Nagapl, Suresh Bahrdwaj and many other dignitaries were also present over there.
During the inauguration ceremony, Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan said, “these campaigns are aimed at making the people aware about cleanliness. Due to garbage and litter many diseases take place; swine flu is one of the examples. If everyone cleans his surroundings then there will not be any disease. With cleanliness, diseases will automatically get a halt. And within clean environment one could be concentrated on divine words much more than the dirty one. In the scriptures also it is mentioned that to become internally pure one is required to clean the surroundings. So, one must follow the same. India is credited with the crown of ‘Vishvguru’. It is very painful if one addresses our country as dirty one and it just happens due to carelessness of some people. It is our duty to clean the surroundings so that no one can hurt us by saying it as dirty country. Volunteers of Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing are engaged in cleanliness campaign without having any self motive. Even they bear the transportation fare and bring necessary tools with them. Fortunate are the volunteers who have reached here to clean the city. One receives the money for getting any work done for others, same way the people who remain engaged in selfless services, God Almighty bestows immense happiness upon them.”
On answering the question asked by a media person regarding the crimes being happened with women, His Excellency Guruji said, “Since 1948, Dera Sacha Sauda has been conveying the message that man must not act like a wanker and must be true to the relations.” On answering the question that Are You ready to clean up Yamuna River if the Govt. permits you for the same, His Holiness Guruji said, “With God’s grace the volunteers can clean it within one or two days. Moreover, we are ready to clean all the religious places not only the Yamuna River.
Cleanliness Earth Campaign Karnal
Along with cleanliness campaign 96 welfare activities including blood donation, tree plantation, body donation, eye donation, prostitution eradication, divorcee marriage, not giving and taking bribe, crown of the dynasty, supporting handicapped etc. are being conducted by Dera Sacha Sauda presently. Around 6 Lakhs followers have filled the consent form to participate in these works.
Under the ‘Kul ka Crown’ (crown of the dynasty) drive being conducted by Dera volunteers, the bride goes with barat to the broom and brings him at her home and he takes care her parents as his own. Such girls have been nominated as ‘Kul ka Crown’ and the boys as ‘Bhagt Mard Gaji’ and 3 such marriages have been solemnized so far. We adopt the prostitutes as our daughters who wish to quit this abhorrent profession and merge into the mainstream society. Those girls are nominated as ‘Shubh Devi’ (prosperous angels) and the boys coming ahead to marry those girls are named as ‘Bhagt Yodha’ (Devout Warriors). 17 such marriages have been solemnized so far.”
His Holiness Guruji persuaded such girls to quit this stigmatic profession; the bright future is here for them. Female Feticide is a grave sin; so one must not undergo it. Here, the pledge forms are also being filled up. To end up this menace, ‘Shahi Betiyan Basera’ (Abode for Royal Daughters) has been established by Dera Sacha Sauda where 22 such daughters are living presently. These girls are bringing laurels for the country in the field of education as well as in sports. They are also provided with martial arts for self defense.
Parents are advised to bring up their girls in the same way as they do for their sons. They must not discriminate boys and girls. Girls must also be instilled with passion and self confidence so that they should not consider themselves weak in any way.
The players of Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutes have been bringing laurels to the country. The girls from these institutes have participated in Asian games Throw Ball, Yoga and Rollar Skating and won Asia cups in these games once, twice and thrice respectively. Dera Sacha Sauda has set 14 Guinness World Records and 8 Asia Records for blood donation, tree plantation and conducting medical camps.”
While explaining the importance of Blood Donation, His Excellency Guruji said, “Many diseases get cured with it. Dera Volunteers have been credited with the name of ‘True Blood Pump’. Saint incarnate on the earth for public welfare. They always pray for everyone’s well being and God indeed accede to their prayers. And We will keep on doing the same till Our last breath. Today, most of the people are hypocrites in the garb of religions because there is no need of any degree or diploma to become a Saint. So it is very common today that Saints are much more than their followers. They are begging and hoarding money in the name of God. God is the giver and He never asks for anything. God has created the man, He is empowered to create the money too, that is being made by the man. In every religious scripture it is mentioned that one must earn by hard work. We are intended to serve the humanity and not to create the world records. But before the passion and zeal of Sadh Sangat all the records are seemed as dwarf. This is just the God’s grace that lakhs of people are coming ahead for serving the mankind. Moreover, scores of people have quit the addiction of drugs by rendering selfless services in the Ashram for 7 days.”


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