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Cleanliness Earth Campaign

23rd Cleanliness Earth Campaign in Alwar, Rajasthan on 8th October 2013

Cleanliness campaign inauguration Alwar

Cleanliness campaign saint gurmeet ram rahim singh ji insan alwarEvery individual was seen motivated to maintain the surroundings clean and hygienic by Dera Sacha Sauda’s 23rd mega endeavor of cleanliness having slogan ‘Ho prithvi saaf, mite rog abhishaap‘ in the city Alwar, Rajasthan. Dera Sacha Sauda Volunteers cleaned Alwar city in just 3.5 hours as more than 2 lakh volunteers and members of Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing (A spiritual team completely dedicated to serve humanity one or the other way) fully engaged in cleaning the city and transit the entire dirty city into clean one in just three and half hours. The streets and drains which used to be home of filth, were seen remarkably cleaner post campaign.
Followers carrying their own tools like brooms, shovels, spades and flagons etc were deployed in all the four corners to throw out the waste materials and garbage from the city. Around 8.53 am Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan reported at the inaugural spot to initiate the campaign and blessed all the volunteers and disciples and commenced the drive by leaving a cluster of gas-filled balloons carrying the slogan ‘Ho prithvi saaf, mite rog abhishaap‘. Thereafter, His Holiness swept a division of the locality Himself with a broom and waved a unique flag administering the volunteers to commence the mega campaign. When Revered Guru Ji provided specific guidelines to the volunteers, latter devotedly following their Master’s pious instructions, started scattering all around and merged in a bustle to the clean the whole city. Piles were formed by consolidating the waste stuff and garbage in the corner sides which were then picked up by local municipality. Thousands of appreciation and complimentary words were given to the disciples by local public.
Followers from the distant locations including Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and from rest of the states arrived at Alwar city through various transport channels like luxurious trains and buses. All age groups actively participated in the mega camp. Followers were well equipped with their own tools like flagons, brooms and spades with the necessary food articles. It’s worth noting that these followers are not forced or paid to come but it’s a miracle that lacs of volunteers arrive in such campaigns on receiving a single message of Guru Ji.
cleanliness campaign dera sacha sauda alwar

The Mega Cleanliness Campaign is also a Mahayagya

Revered Guru Ji said that in ancient times Mahayagyas were performed to purify environment which lead human beings towards God’s remembrance. Similarly, this cleanliness campaign too is a mahayagya for creating a healthy environment because grubbiness gives birth to major diseases like Dengue, Cholera, Malaria and spread other disease causing terrible viruses. If our surroundings are clean, we will remember God and pure thoughts will generate in our mind. Unclean surroundings are the root cause of multiple vices and make a human being devil and cultivate excitement in him to commit crime.

Cleanliness is also next to posterity’s delight

Revered Guru Ji while explaining the importance of cleanliness instructed the local residents that we need to maintain the cleanliness decorum for making our posterity’s lives delighted. Adopt the habit to clean your surroundings, your posterity shall lead cheerful lives and the vices will be automatically disappeared. Do not throw waste materials on road sides. Avoid the bad practice of throwing banana peel on road side after eating; it may lead to an accident for whom so ever passes by. You may be the victim of that sin uselessly. Guru Ji suggested if one and all come forward to keep the surroundings clean, humanity will persist longer.

Pledge taken by all to maintain cleanliness

Volunteers who reached Alwar from distant locations and various states not only just cleaned the city, but also delivered a message to the local communities to maintain the cleanliness thereafter. For this, they got the cleanliness pledge forms filled from door to door by the local citizens to which the latter responded gladly.


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