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Cleanliness Earth Campaign

24th Cleanliness Earth Campaign in Dausa, Rajasthan on 9th October 2013

Cleanliness campaign dera sacha sauda dausa

Cleanliness campaign saint gurmeet ram rahim singh ji insan dausa
During the 24th Mega Cleanliness Drive executed by Dera Sacha Sauda in Dausa (the historical city of Rajasthan) more than 1 Lakh volunteers and members of Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing (a humanitarian force formed to undertake every kind of activity for welfare of mankind) participated and changed the entire picture of the city in just 2 hours. The streets and drains which symbolized grubbiness earlier, were seen as an example of cleanliness post campaign. Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan inaugurated the Mega Campaign at local Gandhi Trijunction at 9 AM. At the inauguration point, Revered Guru Ji blessed all the present volunteers with his divine benevolence and commenced the drive by leaving a cluster of gas-filled balloons carrying the slogan “Ho prithvi saaf, mite rog abhishaap‘ in the air. Then, His Holiness swept an area Himself with a broom and showed a special flag directing the volunteers to start the campaign. Just when Revered Guru Ji uttered instructions to volunteers, devotedly following their Master’s words all volunteers started dispersing and getting involved in cleaning the city zestfully.
Revered Guru Ji, showering his divine grace on the volunteers with his pious words said, “Blessed are the volunteers who take time out for other’s welfare. Those who attend mega-cleanliness campaigns continuously, the Lord shall too fulfill their wishes continuously. In today’s world, it’s very difficult to work for other’s welfare but fortunate & great are these volunteers and their parents who come forward to render selfless service to others. You service shall surely be counted in the Almighty’s abode and HE will bless entire happiness and grace upon you.”
Cleanliness campaign dera sacha sauda dausa Revered Guru Ji spread the message of cleanliness to all residents and said, “All religions teach us to maintain cleanliness in our surroundings. Pure environment removes vices from mind, ensures a happy life and will direct mind towards remembrance of God.” His holiness called this mega campaign as Mahayagya and said that in past times, yagyas were performed for the purification of environment but today one can see filth all around, so, it’s necessary to perform such cleanliness mahayagyas. Revered Guru Ji instructed public that if we start keeping our surroundings clean in the same manner with which we keep our house and kitchen clean, we will be able to maintain cleanliness all around. Generally, people throw wrappers, bottles, fruit peels and spit on roads from moving vehicles which causes accidents on roads and many times animals like cows etc eat those thrown polythenes and die. Even if you unknowingly become the cause for someone’s death, you get that sin upon yourself. Revered Guru Ji said that wherever such Mega Cleanliness Campaigns are being conducted, people are getting aware about the importance of cleanliness.
The cleanliness campaign in Dausa made the local residents watch this stupendous drive open-eyed. They could have never imagined that volunteers in such a huge number will ever come in their city to clean it. The reason that surprised them most was to see volunteers from every region & state, from all age groups, from uneducated to highly educated professionals, from rich to middle class families cleaning every street and drain of Dausa without a single strain on their face. Every Dausa resident was seen paying heart-felt gratitude towards Revered Guru Ji and the volunteers.
Dausa City consisting of 35 wards was divided into 7 zones and was allocated to different states to facilitate the successful execution of the drive. Many dignitaries including Raj Kumar Jaiswal, Chairman Municipal Corporation, Mohan Chandra Bansal, Commissioner Municipal Corporation, Mohd. Arif, MLA and many social workers, advocates etc. attended the inauguration of Mega Cleanliness Campaign and paid thanks to Revered Guru Ji and Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers for the exemplary drive.


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